Our Story

We’re a community-based restaurant serving fresh, global street food. Eat here and feel really damn good. Our food is 100% plant-based. And we strive to apply innovative eco-conscious choices, to everything that we do.

From our pizza, Pho-King Delicious Asian street foods, fruit loop salad, to the original VegeNation Superfood Burger and the ultimate hang over smoothie (yes!), we make food that will knock you off your feet.

You will find our signature ‘juicetails’ to be super delish, using local distilled liquor with cold-press juice. They are healthy, with like a kick of vodka! (It’s Vegas after all)

We were founded in 2014 by well-known local ‘Vegan Chef Donald’ Lemperle who is on a personal mission and is deeply driven to serve ‘good food for the good of all’ to the community in an eco-conscious restaurant. It has always been his passion to cook with happiness. After pitching his wild dream to create a restaurant that serves good food to the community to the Downtown Project, they ate it up! Now we’re in business, serving fresh global street foods to you (that are 100% plant-based). Yes, you read that right— plant-based. Our special sauce is green and packs a mean punch!

And we’re a green-rated eco-friendly restaurant, utilizing local salvaged materials and compost, and implementing sustainable practices. Even our website is on a carbon-free host (We are like really, really green).

All of our dishes include local vegetables and fruits, whenever possible, and herbs we grow ourselves. And check this—we serve beer from Vegas-owned brewers. We deeply value our community, new friends visiting Vegas, the environment, and damn good food.

Not veg? That’s cool. Give our food a shot. We promise you will feel better than you did walking through our doors. Seriously, our food is cool like that.

You can find us in Downtown Las Vegas on Carson Street next to Container parker and down the street from the Fremont Experience.

Our Chef

With over 30 years of experience in the restaurant business, Chef Donald was raised in his family owned restaurant on Staten Island, New York. He has cooked in some of New York Cities finest restaurant kitchens including Le Bernardin, the Quilted Giraffe and The Sign of the Dove, shaping a valuable culinary foundation for his career. He has been the Executive Chef for Park Avalon Restaurant in New York City and the James Hotel and the Mondrian Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Four years ago, he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a form of bone marrow cancer. With this diagnosis, he decided to change his lifestyle completely, beginning with a plant-based diet. Healthier eating, exercise, and a positive mindset have our Chef feeling fantastic. He always has lots energy and vigor for life.

His transformation really opened his eyes to the problems in our current food system and how it is harming our health and planet. Chef Donald made it his mission to make a difference in his local community by serving fresh, healthy, plant-based foods that are delicious, fun, and easy to get.

Voilà, VegeNation was born!

Our Team

Chef Donald

owner & chef

Kelly Bennett

creative director

Mark Regynski

website engineer

Naomi Otsu

logo & graphic design

Recycled Propaganda

artwork for restaurant

Nick Brannigan

non-gmo expert for menu consulting


Why in the world are you a vegan restaurant?


We believe in the health benefits of plant-based foods and care about the health of people and the planet.


Why are you guys so eco-conscious?


Thanks for noticing! We believe our choices matter. We’re all in this together to help create a more sustainable world. Here you can make an eco-conscious choice, one delicious dish at a time. Feels good, right?


I am not a vegan, vegetarian, or anything close to it… What the hell can I eat here?


Well first, welcome! We have everything from pizza, spaghetti, to Asian Street BBQ food. We promise you will dig it!


I need protein. Where do you get your protein from?!


Broccoli is 30% protein. 4.2 grams of protein per 100g. We serve that sh*t, all day!


Is everything organic & non-gmo?


We do our best to source organic. Our intention is to bring healthy food that is also affordable to the community. And we are striving to make our menu gmo-free (as the food system is still broken, we’re working on finding hidden ingredients and sourcing non-gmo ingredients wherever possible). More on this topic to come!


So, I’m allergic to nuts…


Just let us know & we’ll make sure you’re free of nuts.


I am gluten intolerant. What you got for me?


We have gluten-free options (they are labeled). However, keep in mind that our kitchen is not 100% gluten- free.


Where do you get your fresh greens?


When possible, we source from local growers and grow herbs here!


Do you have the classic downtown Vegas, $5.99 steak dinner special?


Nah, we are all about veggies here. BUT, we have a superfood veggie burger that will knock your socks off! (but don’t worry, we promise to give you your socks back).

Our Values

100% plant-based. Yes, you heard right. Our food is all plant-based, baby! Want to know why we are crazy enough to do that? Check out our FAQ page. We use good, clean ingredients.


Do good for the environment. Our choices matter. We’re all in this together to help create a more sustainable world. Here, you can make an eco-conscious choice, one delicious dish at a time. Feels good, right?


Do good by people. We heard people ask for convenient, affordable, healthy comfort food choices. They were seeking a restaurant that nourishes, makes food with clean ingredients, uses sustainable practices, and supports local establishments, so we created VegeNation. This is for you!


Support local farms. We use hydroponics from Cowboy Trails